Lectures and Exhibitions
 in Greater NYC Area
during March 2010

mobile telephone in the States
between Feb 24th amd March 17th

We are planning a trip to greater NYC area
(possibly including NJ and Massachusetts)
between Wed Feb 24 and Wed March 17
with various

benefit sale events.

Partial List

1. Aish HaTorah Center, 313 W. 83rd St
(btwn Riverside & West End) Upper West Side
Monday March 1st 8-10:30 PM
2. Long Island Jewish Life, 302 Birchwood Park Drive,
Jericho, NY 11753
Wednesday March 3rd 6-11 PM
3. Pool Art Fair, Room 1040, Gershwin Hotel
7 E 27th
(btwn 5th Ave & Madison)  Manhattan
Thurs March 4th Call for appointment after 6 PM
Friday March 5th 3 - 5 PM
Sat March 6th 6-10 PM
Sun March 7th 3-10 PM
Mon March 8th leave hotel at noon.

4. East Midwood Jewish Center 1625 Ocean Ave
(between Ave L & K) Brooklyn, NY 11230
Saturday night March 13th 8-10 PM.

Additional dates may be available, please inquire.

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DOV LEDERBERG grew up in the Philadelphia area (graduate of Central HS) and began his involvement in the arts at Haverford College (BA 1963) and the Columbia University School of Fine Arts. During the Sixties he became one of the active filmmakers within the New American Underground and the N.Y. Filmmakers' Co-op. Between 1965-8 he studied in yeshvas in Brooklyn NY and Israel. Between 1968 and 1994 he was an independent film director, mainly for Israel TV, making documentary and educational films, as well as creating various video art compositions. Since 1995 Dov has been deeply involved in using new art mediums and techniques to express and render the subtle ideas of Jewish mystical teachings and meditation. He has created many original paintings on canvas within the abstract illusionist genre, essentially creating an evocative "gestalt' which invites the viewer's active interaction and interpretation. He lives in Jerusalem with his wife, the artist, whose professional name is Yael Avi-Yonah.

YAEL AVI-YONAH was born in Jerusalem, a graduate of Bezalel Academy of Art. Her father was the distinguished archaeologist and historian, Michael Avi-Yonah, who provided her with the rich background in art, archeology and bible which emanates from her many works on Jerusalem landscapes and biblical themes. Her series of oil portraits of 15 great contemporary Israeli authors was exhibited at the Jerusalem International Book Fair in 1984 and abroad. In 1987 she completed a series of paintings on the 12 Tribes for the Yad L’’Mordechai synagogue in Jerusalem. Since 1988 she has been working on a series of works in oil and tempera on canvas and wood in a new and original style of anaglyfic art. Her themes are inspired by Jewish mysticism and the Kabbalah and include the Angels of the Divine Chariot, the Four Supernal Worlds, Jerusalem in the Messianic Age and other prophetic visions. Her works have been on display in the Jewish Museum in London, as well as galleries in Israel and abroad.

Hope to see you in March.

mobile telephone in the States
between Feb 24th amd March 17th

Telephone in Israel: 972-2-5618303 
Tel/Fax: 972-2-5611411
Mailing address:POB 7143
Jerusalem Israel 91071
Email address: vision@art.net

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