Turn Arounds

Paintings revealing a surprising new form 
and dimension when turned upside down
the protrusive becoming the recessive 
and vice versa

Masculine and Feminine Waters

acrylics on canvas
20" x 20" (51 x 51 cm)
The triangular form or vector pointing upward 
represents what is called by the kabbalah 
the "feminine waters", the movement
or aspiration from below 
to reach a spiritual height, such as in prayer. 
Turning the painting upside down 
transforms it to the "masculine waters", 
the vector of bringing spiritual energy 
into the "vessels" of the mundane world.

The Marriage Dance


acrylics on canvas
20" x 20" (51 x 51 cm)

Dance is an important element
in the Jewish wedding and symbol for the

dynamics of the marriage relationship,
if we use the Hebrew word
for dance, "m'chol",
which also implies making a ring or circle.

Turning the painting upside down
we can see the "young couple" forty years later

Eyeless Peace Doves in the Middle East


acrylics on canvas
20" x 20" (51 x 51 cm)
The Doves are the universal symbol
for purveying Peace but when the painting
is turned upside down something
very ominous and catastrophic happens,



Ahmadinejad and a nuclear explosion!

Video Slide Show - Mystic Turnarounds

also in Hebrew

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